5 Reasons Why You Should not Give People Cash Gifts For Christmas



We all know someone who it’s really difficult to buy a gift for at Christmas. For these people, giving cash seems like the best option – they can choose anything they’d like and you don’t risk getting them something they already have or don’t want. However, giving money as a gift at Christmas might not always be the best idea, and here are some reasons why.

1. If sending cash inside a Christmas card in the mail, there is the issue of it becoming lost, or stolen. The sender might loose a fair sum of money, and the recipient will be disappointed, too.

2. They might not buy themselves something. Many people who receive a cash gift won’t spend it on themselves, and will use it to buy something for others. Those who give cash as a gift usually want the recipient to ‘treat’ themselves. In this case, a gift card or voucher for their favorite store might be a better option.

3. If the two people exchanging gifts both give cash, it can become pointless, or embarrassing. If one party gives less money, they might feel inadequate or as if they haven’t spent enough. If both parties give and receive the same sum, there is little point in the exchange!

4. Cash can be seen as a ‘thoughtless’ gift. Whilst it is very generous to give money to a friend or family member, it might mean you don’t know the person very well, and can’t think of something they would like to receive.

5. It takes the excitement out of present-unwrapping. For most children, the most exciting part about Christmas in unwrapping their presents to find out what’s inside. Receiving cash isn’t very interesting for younger kids, and they won’t be able to decide what to spend it on. Even many teens and adults still like the surprise of opening a few gifts on Christmas day.

We hope this article has inspired you to get creative with your gift giving, and think of alternatives to giving cash this year.



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